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3D Flash Adventure

2009-07-12 01:15:53 by HonterGames

Hey weve recently been developing a 3D adventure game, its called 'Little Village' and what you do is talk to the people in your village, walk around, and complete tasks for them. We need some ideas for tasks though, and we wnt some from the community. So far weve made tasks where you pop a little childs balloons and kick around balls. Sounds Fun? Well if you dont think so, comment on some ideas which you think would be good for a task. Also any game improvement/ideas. Eg, main storyline, more tasks, inventory, etc...

Please Comment...Thank You.


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2009-07-12 04:37:56

How about throwing a rock? If the distance is more than 5 000 metres, you win :D And what about shooting things in the air? Let's say someone is throwing different objects and you need to shoot the correct ones :)