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So weve submitted our entry, Madness 3D Combat. Go check it out and rate it a 5 ;P

Newgrounds 24

2009-08-20 06:17:56 by HonterGames

So we've decided to make a platformer-style game which is affected by time. And its Newgrounds Based! So basically depending on the time you start the game, the graphics and tasks will change, like for example, if you play at night, the screen will be darker and the houses (most of the except the Bars and Clubs! Yeah Clubs!) will be locked. Also, the characters who you will be able to interact with will be Newgrounds Staff, Moderators, and Popular Artists. Depending on what time these people are usually logged on to Newgrounds, players will be able to meet ' n ' greet them at different times. So far we've gotten responses from the King himself, Tom Fulp, JohnnyUtah (who was cool enough to tell us when Mike and Stamper are usually on), and Glaiel-Gamer. Also we're waiting for replies from DanPaladin and Krinkels.

Hopefully the art and concept will end up looking great, and it should be a great game to play.

Upcoming 3D RPG...

2009-08-10 07:00:50 by HonterGames

Hey we're thinking about making a 3D RPG, something simple, you know walking around, do some things, kill some stuff, etc. We want some ideas for the game, like concept, quests, tasks, systems, etc. Just comment below :D Thanks!!!!!! If we get enough feedback we might get it done pretty soon, so keep an eye out :D

3D Flash Adventure

2009-07-12 01:15:53 by HonterGames

Hey weve recently been developing a 3D adventure game, its called 'Little Village' and what you do is talk to the people in your village, walk around, and complete tasks for them. We need some ideas for tasks though, and we wnt some from the community. So far weve made tasks where you pop a little childs balloons and kick around balls. Sounds Fun? Well if you dont think so, comment on some ideas which you think would be good for a task. Also any game improvement/ideas. Eg, main storyline, more tasks, inventory, etc...

Please Comment...Thank You.